Attobus Ltd has been formed by Ed West and John Evans the original founders of Microbus Ltd. Attobus offers a wealth of experience to the marketplace and is delighted to announce the following news.

Attobus will continue to manufacture and sell the M-PC2 and M-PC3 range of Microbus In-Vehicle Computers. With many thousand deployments world-wide we are keen, not only to support all of the existing customers, but to continue with the development of new products, new markets and new customers around the globe.

Attobus will offer full service and support to the Microbus range of products as well as selling new units and will continue to develop Mobile products to complement and enhance their product offering in the future. Attobus personnel, the core engineering, service and sales team, have joined Ed and John, ensuring the company can offer exceptional experience and service for all products. Attobus Ltd exclusively, manufacture, sell and support the M-PC2, M-PC3, associated peripherals and software. Our plan is to support current customers and products while designing a new generation of products based on the latest ideas in computing.

Attobus has based its operation in the factory previously occupied by Microbus in order to facilitate the employment of key staff and to ensure easy continuity of contact with its customer base.

We are sure we can supply the level of product and support expected by our customer base and look forward to being of service. We will be delighted to answer any questions on an individual basis. Please give us a call.

Please contact: for further information.

Tel: +44 1628 537300


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