Which is best for your mobile data solution?
It should not be a question of either/or.
When used together, they form an ideal computing solution for your fleet without compromising on the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your mobile data system.

We, at Attobus, pride ourselves on our ability to respond and adapt to our customers’ individual requirements and are constantly researching the latest technology so we can offer leading edge products in the mobile data sector. Our high-spec computers can be used without the need for a screen to be fitted in the vehicle, and can be controlled remotely by a tablet or smart phone. As a result, the user can send and receive data and control all the functions of the computer and peripherals wherever the job requires it. This creates a flexible, fully functional mobile data system, without a compromise.

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 Fixed Vehicle Computer vs Tablet 

For a demonstration on how our computers can work with a tablet to form an effective, flexible mobile data solution, please contact sales@attobus.com.
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