Using our high performance PCs as your vehicle's control centre.

Did you know they support all this..?

Video Recording

- Up to 4 cameras can be recorded onto a single MPEG2 stream. Dual disk support includes option for SSD for application and OS and large HDD drive to support up to 60 days of video.

- Controls to switch between main camera focus depending on vehicle mode.

- Video text overlay including GPS position or street name. Also Vehicle ID and User ID options.

- Video timestamps can be automatically cut from the master video, with user options to modify start/stop points of the video clips prior to exporting and optional GPS track can be included with the video clip.

- Transfer of video clips via WiFi transfer or encrypted to USB device.


- Attobus MDTs are used by a majority of UK ANPR companies, including 3M Traffic Safety Systems Division, Civica UK Limited, Image Sensing Systems UK Ltd, NDI Recognition Systems Ltd, Petards, QRO Solutions Ltd and RoadPixel Ltd.

- Includes 4 video capture channels to support dual IR and colour overview and integrated serial ports to control both the cameras and pan & tilt.

Law Enforcement

- Support includes Petards' and Speedar's speed enforcement kit.

Control of a selection of Lightbars

- Support includes Federal smart lightbar, Carnation vehicle lightbar controller and a selection of basic lightbar switched via Relay control.

Control of a selection of Matrix Signs

- Support includes RSG, Premier Hazard, Promak and Haztec Matrix Signs. Dual matrix support is also an option for front and rear signs.

Replacement of Tetra Radiohead

- Sepura Virtual Radiohead software and Motorola Tetra radio (using 3rd party software).

WiFi Hotspot

- Use the MDT as a vehicle WiFi hotspot and share 3G/4G resources through the MDT.

Remote Control Interface

- Options to control the MDT via a web application.

- Remote desktop support, so the whole interface can be duplicated on a remote tablet.

Additional Interfaces

- Video streaming using standard protocols, including Microsoft Skype or Google Hangout.

- Sat Nav software with interfaces for 3rd party application to control routing.

- Support with Tracker, so Tracker information is displayed on the MDT.

- FM/AM radio, with Traffic only mode, so the user can only hear local traffic reports.

EventControl Software

- Attobus EventControl software allows the system to interact between multiple applications, for example:

- Single "999" button press could: trigger lightbar in 999 mode, display matrix sign message, start a video timestamp, switching the main record focus to the front camera and update text overlay on video, disable ANPR alerts.

- Single "At Scene" button press could: set lightbar to At Scene mode, change matrix sign message, restart a video timestamp, switch camera focus to show all cameras, change video text.

Regulation 109 compliance. EventControl can be configured to stop video being displayed when the vehicle is in motion. Various configurations can be set up, from simply blanking the whole screen but still preserving full video recording, through to making combinations of applications inaccessible to the operator whilst driving.

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