The new high performance A-PC1 retains all the rugged design features expected from an Attobus in-vehicle computer while incorporating the very latest in mobile data technology.


Intel's fourth-generation Haswell Core i-series processors at the heart of the A-PC1 system

The i7 (fastest), i5, i3 (slowest) promise faster performance, lower power usage and greater memory capacity.

Improved performance and power savings

These smarter processors significantly improve data handling from multiple connected devices to provide improved application performance, power up and power down speeds, and graphics.
Not only that, they boast great power savings, with a sophisticated power management system that means they spend more time idle between bursts of activity. This, along with a change in CPU architecture, ensures lower temperatures so reducing heat dissipation requirements and power consumption.

Greater memory capacity

Where the preceding model, the M-PC3, offered up to 2GB, the A-PC1 comes with 4GB as standard.
Optional 8GB, supporting up to 16GB of DDR3L memory for systems requiring multiple applications to run simultaneously, faster and more smoothly.

SSD, HDD or dual disk options

Options give flexibility on speed, storage capacity and price, depending on user's requirements.
SSDs offer an energy efficient, faster, quieter, more durable storage solution out in the field (no moving parts), while HDDs can't be beaten on storage capacity or price.
With the dual disk option, users can enjoy the benefits of both. Running the OS and applications on the smaller capacity SSD and storing data files (eg video) on HDD, gives them the speed advantages of the solid state disk alongside the unbeatable space available on a hard drive.

High performance wireless connectivity options now include 4G

Allowing you to transfer larger amounts of data faster.

2x USB 3.0 ports

Increases transfer rates between the unit and portable devices.

Up to 5 video input channels

Giving a possible 4 camera ANPR option, plus another 4 video channels combined by the CameraMux.
With optional On Screen Display (of time, GPS position, street name and speed), encrypted timestamp transfer and back office software, the A-PC1 provides a full video recording package without the need for additional hardware.

Same footprint as its predecessors (the M-PC2 & M-PC3) and compatible with the M-PC3 screen

Allows for easy upgrade and installation.

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To read a full specification of the A-PC1, download the pdf below:

A-PC1 Datasheet