Menu & System Utilities

Menu Red Button A range of proprietary applications that lets the user control system settings and program menus

Car PC Software (EventControl)

EventControl Config Seamlessly integrates hardware and software to automate a number of actions for an event and comply with pre-configured rules
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EventControl Brochure


HDRecorder Screen ShotiDVR (Integrated Digital Video Recorder) provides a cost-effective and simple method of recording video input, allowing the user to review and save incidents for evidence packs
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iDVR Brochure

Loop Recorder

MPEG2 Loop Recorder Screen shotMPEG2LoopRecorder provides continuous recording from a camera whenever the application is running. Duration of the loop is user-configurable


Camera Multiplexer

CameraMuxA direct input from up to four video cameras through a multiplexer to one channel.

OSD - Video Overlay

OSD TextOSD provides text overlay which can be saved on video recordings made by iDVR and Loop Recorder.
The information can include Vehicle ID, current user ID, GPS in various formats including street names and GPS speed and
 status information from the vehilce.