Did you know that the menus can dynamically enable the menu buttons?
These can be configured to enable/disable buttons or enable a warning message option depending on:
  • The type of user in the vehicle
  • If the vehicle is single or dual crewed
  • If the vehicle is stationary or moving

Also the buttons can change colour depending on the state of the application.
For instance, the button can look different if an application is already run up.
Also a number of applications can change the button colour to another option if they are "active", for example when:
  • The HDRecorder is recording a timestamp
  • The Matrix sign is displaying a message
  • The Lightbar is active
  • There is a Tracker hit (and the audio has been muted)

Logging can be enabled on the Menus, so all button presses can be audited.

All buttons and colour schemes are customisable, so you can completely change the look and feel of the Attobus software to appear the same as your other applications.
Attobus also have a tool to help create buttons. Please contact sales@attobus.com for a copy of this software.

(20 Apr 15)

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