Vehicle Mounted PCs and In Car Computer Systems

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The Attobus family of vehicle-mounted PCs and in car computers are all TETRA, 4G, 3G and GPRS enabled. They provide a robust platform whether your application involves a simple vehicle location system (AVLS) with back office server support or a full mobile data system solution for advanced applications including:
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
  • ​Digital Video Recording
  • Database Access
  • Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)
  • Incident Reporting
  • GIS/Mapping

Our reliable and robust in-vehicle PCs and computers are used widely by the police, emergency services and have extensive applications in the private sector, such as logistics.
Our best-in-breed vehicle computing technology has been developed from years of experience and provides:
  • Rugged Windows-based computing platform
  • Multi-bearer wireless connectivity
  • One-touch equipment control

Attobus Software Utilities

Attobus software utilities have been specifically developed to simplify access to applications and to provide easy control of peripheral vehicle equipment.

Each button can be configured to set various actions such as a particular emergency lights setting, run lock and any other events the user wants at the press of one button.

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The Attobus range of Fixed In-Vehicle PCs

The Attobus family of in-vehicle computers supports a wide range of applications and technologies. Using their wireless connectivity, the computers place real-time information in the hands of the field-based worker, where and when they need it. They benefit from multi-bearer flexibility and can be used over any network including TETRA Airwave.

The Windows-based systems feature Intel® processing technology, offering class-leading performance and greater energy efficiency. They offer a wealth of features and connectivity to support a variety of applications including Automatic Number Plate Recognition, Digital Video Recording, database access, Computer Aided Dispatch, incident reporting and GIS/Mapping.

Multiple camera inputs also feature a dedicated MPEG channel to support Attobus's Integrated Digital Video Recorder, a cost effective and space-saving video recording solution.



A-PC1Featuring the 4th Generation Low Power Intel® Core™ range of processors, this system promises superlative performance, exceptional power efficiency and greater memory capacity. 

SSD, HDD or dual disk options are supported, offering flexibility on speed, storage capacity and price to suit customers' particular requirements.

The computer boasts up to 5 video input channels, giving a possible 4 camera ANPR option, plus another 4 video channels through a multiplexer.



M-PC3​The system features the Intel®Core 2 Duo processor, offering class leading performance and improved energy efficiency.

The computer’s multiple camera inputs also feature a dedicated MPEG channel to support Digital Video Recording (DVR) and Number Plate Recognition systems (ANPR).


S-PC1The system features the Intel® Dual Core N2600 Atom Processor, 2G DDR3 memory, offering a lower power all in one solution.